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Color Journal Privacy Notice
Your color journal also provides a space for you to post your thoughts. You can think of it as your personal digital diary, because information posted in your journal is private and blocked from public view, including other MyCePaZ website users

Creating Your CONNECT Support System
CONNECT will send out the following message - I am contacting you as member of my CONNECT support system. I am having hard time right and need to talk. Can you give me a call? - to all contacts in your support system.

It is important that you choose wisely in creating your support system. Choose people who are able to help you regain a sense of calm and can help you to positively process your emotions. It is highly recommended that you sit down with your parents, case manager, counselor, or another trusted adult to help you determine the best choices for your support system.

Make sure that you check with each of your contacts to get their agreement to participate in your CONNECT support system. (Examples of potential contacts include trusted friends, family members, counselors/social workers, and spiritual advisers).

You can choose up to five people to form your CONNECT support system.

In need of some music to pick up your spirits or do you just need to listen to a few songs that fit your current mood? On the Music page you can create playlists of some of your favorite songs to help improve your mood. MYCepaz will also provide a playlist of relaxing tunes aimed at easing your stress.

Use Music when you looking for peace and calmness in stressful situations. Follow the steps below to create your personal Spotify playlist.

  1. Create an account, login or sign-in via Facebook
  2. Create a playlist
  3. Go to the "Share" menu for your playlist or click on "Copy Link" if you have that option to share on social media (just use the link itself, no hashtags)
  4.  Paste link into your "Profile" under "MUSIC"